“Coach Hess brought our team together by learning how we communicate. Both as a team and with our customers. Team walked away all smiles and were energized”
- Matt Schomburg, StateFarm Agency

“Marrying your passion, your talent, and your competence is the magic for your personal and professional life. I have known Coach Hess a long time. There is no doubt that he has achieved this perfect blend in his own life. Part of his life’s purpose is to help others ignite their passion, grow their talents and increase their competence. When he commits to you, it is 200%. His laser-like focus has been a blessing to me in helping to clearly identify my opportunities and solve thorny problems that move my organization forward. Whether you are stuck and need a plan to get back on track or already a high performing enterprise, Coach Hess has the insight and tools to help you too.”
~Rick Palagi, Hospital CEO (retired)

Day of Thanksgiving #8: We’d like to give a big thanks to Greg Hess, who has been working with SOTG since April as our ActionCOACH. Coach Hess brings years of experience in the business world to support SOTG’s mission and growth. Over the past six months, we’ve worked together to develop a renewed business strategy and put it into action, thereby creating a firm foundation for SOTG’s growth and continued impact on the lives of people with disabilities. Thank you Coach Hess for your practical advice and ongoing encouragement! #sotg #shredding #actioncoach #disability #business #experience #motivation #growth #recycling #jobs #communityimpact #thankyou #graditude
James and Renee Parker• 1stEntrepreneur | Shredding barriers one page at a time.

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Finding success through effort and commitment to the ActionCOACH program and Coach Hess.

ActionCLUB OnLine is highlighted by a graduation and a fun filled ActionCOACH game of Leverage. Cherryl was the winner for this class. On the right you can hear from the graduates about the course.

GrowthCLUB Participants share what they feel like expressing after a full day of planning the upcoming quarter.


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