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Most businesses struggle to make a consistent monthly profit. I have a proven system that generates profits month in and month out to protect against failure and ensure the long term success of your business. So that the dream of creating financial freedom is a reality for you the business owner!

I come from an athletic and business executive background so, it’s natural to be an exceptional coach, and treat business owners as serious athletes. Reach your potential by working with Coach Hess.

My Expertise

How I Do This

I work with my clients to improve the following 12 areas.

  1. Results – Greater productivity, higher profitability and increase efficiency.
  2. Important Insights – About yourself, how you’re perceived and where you can improve.
  3. Faster action – Advancing programs and business processes faster and with greater precision.
  4. Perspective – Have the ability to talk to a fellow professional and gain perspective.
  5. Awareness – Increase your awareness concerning challenges and opportunities.
  6. Support – Gain confidence on how to initiate your bold moves.
  7. Clarity – On your values and what you stand for, which leads to greater conviction
  8. Ideation - Develop and formulate bright ideas on how to improve your life.
  9. Emotional support – Empathy and encouragement. It can be lonely at the top.
  10. Truth – Coaches will tell you what others won’t.
  11. Strategic planning – Coaches can help you develop your best strategies and tactics.
  12. Improving your skills-sets – Communication, delegation, conflict mgt, team building, persuasion, etc.
How I Do This

Results I Get

Foster culture of abundance and continuous improvement.

Let's connect and have a conversation regarding your goals and objectives.

My Expertise


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